EA destroyed my ass

Okay, so I had a nice throwback Barca team with villa, iniesta, guardiola 85 and Piqué 90. Then Icon Swaps released a few weeks ago, and I choosed the prime Icon Pack, which gave me Lehmann the german goalie. I was so frustrated that I discarded my hole club, with the Intention that I never play this shit again.
Well the day after that I contacted the EA Support xD I Was able to revive 5 players..
So I need coins now to be able to create a new squad. Partey Totw moments looks nice when I get Carrassco in the pass.
It would help me alot guys.
My Psn: enes_2314

Thx to the Futbin Community and Fu** me for doing this shit


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    TheCrow82TheCrow82 Posts: 61
    Your own stupid fault for throwing a strop and deleting players because you didn't get what you wanted. Then you come here begging. Petulant child.
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    enes88enes88 Posts: 3
    edited April 2
    My suarez 91, David Villa, Iniesta, Piqué and Roberto Carlos were revived.
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