The best EPL striker

Which one should i buy
Rashford IF
Arnautovic SIF
I had Aguero
Kane and Lukaku didn’t work for me


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    I tried them all, for me POTM Aubameyang still works best

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    targustargus Posts: 5
    Lukaku for me was a beast. I’m trying aguero and auba atm. Aguero is better than auba for me.
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    I’m one of the few who like Sturridge Flashback card but the weak foot can be a problem against good players, I didn’t like Aguero although I quite liked Kane and Aubameyang. Auba is who I’d go with.
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    Have you tried IF Jesus? I got lucky to get his Red IF and still my 1st choice striker until now
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    Arnautovic is a moster
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