Icon Swaps 2 help

Hi I need some help with choosing my icon swaps. I did the prime icon pack and got lehman. I am running a 4-4-2 with flashback vidal on stay back and saul headliner on balanced. I’m thinking of either choosing moments lampard to replace saul or choosing moments puyol to replace my 88 nest and then choosing litmanen too although i think he wouldn’t be a good CM more of a CAM. I could also pick maldini or kaka alone. Can anyone help please.
Thank you


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    I'd go puyol and litmanen but it's up to you, litmanen is able to go forward because of vidal.
    That's my opinion
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    honestly i think that’s what i’m gonna do so once i get him i will let you kno and thanks for the help
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    Is Litmanen any good? I'm on 11 swaps and unsure who to go for
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