91 Yashin or 89 Vandersar or 91 ter stegen

archer299xarcher299x Posts: 1
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i got 500k coins should i get yashin or Vandersar? or continue with Ter stegen?
  1. Which gk2 votes
    1. Yashin
    2. Van der sar
    3. Ter stegen


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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    Get the icon. All icon GK's are great apart from baby Peter and Lehman who are more inconsistent. All other are fantastic.

    Schmeichel is greatest 1v1 keeper and double quick saves. Other icons arent that bad in those things. Ter stegen the worst 1v1 and quick double saves out of all the top keepers. Great shot stopper but so are all other top keeepers. Barely any difference apart from speed and kicking

    I always suggest ICON GK's over others. If possible to get one then yes they have always been more solid and make less mistakes and make more ultra saves.

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