I need a new team!

edited April 2020 in Squad Building
Platform: PS4
Budget: around 2250000
Min chemistry: 100
Formation: Playable in 4231
Players that must be in: 92 Hagi, 91 Bernardo, 89 vd Sar, 88 Gabrielsen, 88 Lainer, 86 Zambrotta, 84 Sissoko
Untradeable players (optional): 86 Atal, 90 Villa, 88 Osimhen, 89 Fred, 88 Bakayoko, 86 Davies and 92 Rivaldo (I don't really like him)
Description: It doesn't matter if 1 or 2 players are off-chem as long as the overall chem is 100. I would like a team Playable in 4231 (starting formation doesn't matter) with 1 cdm who is also capable of attacking, I would also like it if the team could be played in in a other formation but that's not the most important thing. You can also use 15 icon swaps tokens to put in someone like maldini kaka or laudrup.


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