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I would like your advice/experience with regards to two untradeable players I have in mind implementing into my squad.
Intending to do the Ramos SBC (i have almost enough untradeables to get it for free) and anticipating on opportunities for Icon Swaps 3 vs. TOTSSF coming where potentially can be very interesting players included that could fit in the team (I would expect earlier that a Gomez CB or Firmino CM could be the most suitable for this team to be added instead of the icons I am doubting between..). Next to that, I added Van Dijk TOTY as I am saving coins for him now although it might change if his TOTSSF card seems to be more value for coins ...

1. Ramos RB worth it to bring into this team? Or should I seek for a TOTSSF RB / TOTY Trent which I would have to save coins for?
2. Would you go for Cannavaro or Maradona in Icon Swaps 3 with this team? Or even Capita to put him as RB in case players in 1 are not sufficient as end-game RB.
3. Don't think I have soon enough coins for Van Dijk TOTY + a TOTSSF CM or CB. It needs time, patience, focus and luck with trading to collect the coins further.
4. ST position is out of scope now, Aguero works for me now and will only be changed once I have big luck with opening packs or anything else... will eventually be a TOTSSF ST I guess.

Picture of current squad and two squads I am thinking towards:


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    I don't like maradone, I think you should go with Cannavaro or Maldini. I haven't tried Cannavaro but I can tell you Maldini is amazing, you could go for him in Swaps 3 instead and save some tokens
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