Prime Kaka or Moment Laudrup + Prime Icon Pack


First of all sorry for my English is not good at all and thank everyone who comment and help make this decision easier for me.

I only did 8 First 12 of İcon swaps 3 tokens and now second 12 token come. So max 20 token i can earn but i dont have much time to earn 12/12 again 8 token its ideal for me. My team need a Cam because i'm complete 2 mid icon pack and i packed R9 and Cannavaro. İ use 4231 formation in game de gea90-zanetti87-cannavaro89-ogbonna88-ricardo pereira86, cdm kante89- ndidi87, neymar92, cam?????, okocha 85 and R9. Only Zanetti, Okocha, Pereira and Ndidi are tradeable and i have 150k coins.
So in this situation who should i pick?

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