Should I buy Fifa points / buy packs

Should I buy fifa coins & packs now or wait a week until the BPL totssf stuff comes out
  1. Should I buy points & packs7 votes
    1. Buy points & open now
    2. Buy points & save


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    Gazoul870Gazoul870 Posts: 86
    Just don't.
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    If you really want to buy points wait until the real beasts come out. Now there are only a few really good and linkeable players. And we know how this works - normally you wont get the one you really want. I got Gulacsi yesterday. I mean - okay - but not Gomez :-)
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    DijonFCDijonFC Posts: 1
    I'm quite new in this and I spent for some fifa points for like 7 of those prime gold players pack and just in one of those 7 I got Gomez from the rest absolutely nothing lol, better wait l.
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    Never buy fifa points, its not worth it
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