Dembele/Yedder or Dembele/Griezmann

I have 89 Griezmann as my CAM and Dembele 89 as ST in 433 but considering bringing in Yedder (probably the 85, possible 86). So these are my options:

1. Keep as is but upgrade to 91 Griezmann
2. Move Dembele to CAM and put Yedder as ST
3. Ditch Dembele and Upgrade Griezmann to 91 CAM and being in Yedder.

Thoughts and thanks!
  1. Which duo for CAM/ST1 vote
    1. Griezmann CAM Dembele ST
    2. Dembele CAM Yedder ST
    3. Griezmann CAM Yedder ST
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