Saved packs

I saved 125 packs for tots this included 20 mega packs, 15 rare players packs, 12 premium player packs and a load of other packs. I just finished opening them, the highest rated player I packed you ask, thiago silva, in 15 rare player packs the only notable players i packed were goretzka, onana and tadic.

I set myself low expectations but wow, in total from close to the equivalent of £500 of packs I packed 1 - 87, 2 - 86, 5 - 85, 10 - 84.

To me this is dreadful and this is why I will never spend a pound on this game. Even the 86s i packed were immobile and rakatic.

Is it possible to pack pl tots in saved packs or did i waste my chance of packing Community tots? Or is the case my account is cursed as I feel it is, ive packed nothing of note all year and constantly finish rank 1 in rivals div 4-5 and gold 3 in the wl. Even my red picks are awful the last picks i had from totw moments where the majority of the team were 86+ i got offered twice highest rated player of 81.
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