La liga packs

I've opened now 40 premium upgrades and 20+ 82+ packs and left pretty disappointed for close to 500k of packs what I got is appalling.

The 82+ packs rewarded me with no walkouts and 2 cards 84 and over being aspas and arthur. I had a run of 7 packs with no boards which is disgusting.

In the 40 premium upgrades packs I recieved 1 Moreno and 1 blue lenget as the only walkouts and 10 other players 83 rated and above. This is absolutely dreadful in my opinion and an absolute joke.

I have saw youtubers such as fuji opening 3 packs and getting a de jong.

Does anyone else feel there account is cursed and EA are screwing us over? Its clear that they boost certain people's odds over others.

I have opened now 400 packs since the start of totssf and packed only hendorson (gk) and moreno from the primary tots its an absolute joke.

Anyone else had any worse luck?


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    Gazoul870Gazoul870 Posts: 60
    I will only say I do not believe that EA has the wherewithal to monitor who gets what in packs let alone influence an individual's pack "luck". As it is loot box or lottery or whatever you wish to call it it's random every time and our own natural instinct is to try and see patterns in the results.
    Yt people can't be compared to. The don't ever show what they do not want you to see.

    Lastly I did a few of the EPL and got Mahrez, did the La Liga premium upgrade 3 times and got Griezou. I don't need anything more for the rest of the year.

    Going to try and have fun with the crazy team I have against the crazyness of Fifa
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    Kanespurs10Kanespurs10 Posts: 14
    Basically what I think with the pack weight is the more money spent on fifa points on a single account ea will more likely give them better packs for example someone like Castro could get Messi in a 5k pack because he spent so much on the game but someone like me for example will hardly ever pack anything good.

    This could be completely wrong but it's what I think so don't take it badly
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