Scripted and terrible matchmaking!

This game is so corrupt. No matter how good my team is, I always manage a 50% win ratio every WL, without fail. This weekend was the worst though. I managed 12 wins with 12 games left to play. All I was aiming for, was my usual 14 wins. Easy, I thought...... how wrong I was. Every team I faced from then on was either a full TOTY/Prime Moments 99 rated Messi and CR7 squad, controlled by a Division 1 player; or a low rated plain gold squad, during which I had 20 shots on target with no goals and they win with their first shot on goal from an impossible angle, while heavily marked, with a CDM that has max 65 shooting stats, against my 95 rated Ter Steggen. Such a load of nonsense. I won 1 out of the 12 games, finishing with 13. I've never ever lost some many in a row. And I was using the same tactics and team that I used last week to get 14 wins with 2 left and the 12 this week, so I know it's not me playing bad or doing something wrong. The game just decided, "You ain't winning no more, deal with it!" I was lucky enough (first time ever) to pack IF CR7 2 months into FIFA 20 and be has been amazing as a striker. This WL, he scored 3 in 30 games, kept falling over, waiting a few seconds before shooting, just to allow the defence to catch up with him or the gk to rush to his feet........ totally nerfed by the game. I hate this game, yet I will still play it., because i keep hoping it the corrupt element will be removed......
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