I’ve come to a conclusion.

We make this game worse. And let me tell you why.

I stopped playing FUT about two months ago because of all the obvious, known reasons, no need to explain that, but mostly because I was bored as f**k when I was playing it. Which I think most of you will agree. After a while I felt the need to play fifa, but I decided to play fifa 19 intead of fifa 20.

And let me tell you something, I enjoyed it more than I ever enjoyed playing fifa. Why? Because none of the opponents I faced tried to exploit all those easy ways of scoring goals. Each player had their own original team, each player had their own play style and nobody forced crosses to score a header which we all know were overpowered in fifa 19. Nobody spammed la croquetas etc..

Of course, all those other things we hate were present in the game, occasional scripting, ball bouncing back and forth to the opponent and all that crap which is EAs fault. Besides that, I can’t complain much. All the goals that were scored were created from nice build up play, everyone played mainly offensive and there were no switching sides from one to another, returning the ball to the CDMs etc. You all know what i’m trying to say.

Then, I decided to play a little bit of pro clubs in fifa 20. The frustration came back again. Why? Because people have no football IQ. Each and every one of my teammates had to spam 5 skill moves before making a simple pass. Very often did the teammate loose the ball.

And then it hit me. As much as EA is disgusting, doing everything to manipulate players into buying fifa points etc. I blame the player base for disrupting the football game we love. As soon as the game comes out, certain players will try everything before they realise what “this years meta is”. Why do people bother that much what the meta is every year? I simply can not understand why playing normal football isn’t good enough. Why does every player strive to have the same players inside their teams. And most importantly, how do
people enjoy the game when it consists of no offensive tactics? It’s boring, uncreative and it kills the game.

And before you attack me with the facts why it is EA’s fault the game is in the state like this, believe me, I know all the facts. I am simply trying to say I blame the player base for at least 50% for why the game looks like this. It is disgusting. All the shushing, the celebrations of undeserved goals, the wins certain opponents get because they had one lucky opportunity.

It is EA’s fault partially that these players are able to play that way. The AI is simply overpowered, the defensive movements of the AI are just strong enough to enable a bad player survive a game. Apart from that, we make this game worse. We start playing the game as ugly as it can get to secure better awards. But how many times have you seen an elite player get worse rewards than a gold 3 player? Countless probably.

Fifa 20 is a failure of a football game at its finest. It is boring and the game is full of inconsistencies and glitches. But if players stopped playing 1 depth, drop back, come back on defense with their strikers and wingers, we might have a game that is fun, sometimes. In this state of game, it is never fun. All these players embracing the meta and playing a certain play-style are the AIDS of this game. Which is why I think this community is one of the worst in the gaming industry. We all want a better game, but we make it even worse.

But try and prove me wrong.


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    frozendigitfrozendigit Posts: 1
    Agreed, 100%!
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    @frozendigit Glad you agree mate.

    Also forgot to point out the main reason why i wrote this, apart from boredom.

    The whole fifa community is so quick when it comes to pointing to all the problems of this game. They shit about EA the whole f**king time, yet they are a problem as much as EA. Why do I say that? Because at least EA does it for money. I call this hypocrisy at its finest.

    I’m not trying to defend EA, because I am not. All I want to say is, we all want a better, more rewarding game. Yet here we are, making this game even worse than it should be.

    We have the power to make this a better game. But the majority of players are too addicted to packs and building the “ultimate team” to f**king see that. We all hate EA for making a shit game, year after year, yet a large percentage of people are still buying fifa points. Imagine what would happen if everybody stopped buying fifa points for a month, or even better, whole year. A new promo comes out, but not a single $ was spent. You think that wouldn’t worry EA?

    I hate the fact that we all share the same opinion about this game, yet we pretend like there’s nothing to do about it. And we never do anything about it.

    Fifa 21 will come out and it will be the same shit all over again. Beta version will come out. Youtubers will start saying “well it can’t be worse than fifa 20”. Then they will say things like “wow it’s so good you can actually create an attack in this game, drop back isn’t as effective, defending is much more manual etc”. People will buy the game expecting something different. Not even a month later after the game is released, the complaining will beging. It’s just that players like grinding towards a better team which will keep them engaged throughout the year. The cycle will continue until the release of fifa 22.

    Mark my words.
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    Cvo109Cvo109 Posts: 2
    Yes it's true but I reserved fifa 21 because of the fut coop. I trully wanted to stop playing for making a better and better team and stop a bit the competitive play and decided to enjoy the game with friends. Because for this were made the game and I think the coop fut will regret it a bit of the fun it had before. So I don't recomend you playing fut champions if u don't want to hate the game, just enjoy it.
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    Cvo109Cvo109 Posts: 2
    For this were made the games*, not this. This was made for get money.
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    Gazoul870Gazoul870 Posts: 66
    I do think you have identified that the players, particularly the "toxic" ones, make the game less enjoyable.
    Fifa isn't the only game nor are EA the only company producing addictive content for profit. Supercell for example.

    These games count on and play to our human instinct to strive to be competitive and against our ability to abstain from gratification. (Packs, sbcs and Fifa pts)

    The game lately has no purpose. There is no incentive to build a team stronger.

    I also have purchased 21 based on the COOP but have serious doubts that I will play even half as much.

    This year I did not spend a dime on points.
    I will not spend any this year for sure.
    There are hardly any teams in rivals or friendlies that aren't 93+ rated and full chem.
    As far as the YouTubers they really are just self serving for the most part and have little to offer other than instruction on how not act. OMG!!! You won't....is how they gain views. Opening 30 packs at a time is not how 90% of the average player spends a day in a year.
    I played Fifa 17 a few weeks ago. FUT draft. While the server was crawling at best it wasn't horrible and fun to play with an older version of the game and "younger" players.

    To sum up while I mostly agree with you NLNC I hope you don't have a final conclusion but a conclusion to this point. Whatever your decision is based on that conclusion I hope you have better luck and more coins.
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    Thanks for the reply, the last bit made me laugh 😂

    Yes, I’ve been talking about the so called toxic players. It may have turned out that I’ve been calling out the whole player base, but from my experience the majority of the players are toxic either by their style of playing or by the way they celebrate their goals.

    And it’s true, playing ultimate team at the moment feels empty and useless. Sounds crazy cause we obviously love playing fifa, but as soon as the need for upgrading our team decreases, so does our will to play the game. Kind of explains how everybody gets so addicted.

    I also agree with the part where you mentioned youtubers. There are some youtubers that don’t rely on pack opening videos etc. They will do an occasional rant on fifa and EA, but at the end of the day, it is in their interest for us to keep playing the game, or at least be interested in it.

    Finally, the conclusion I made does apply to what I think will happen to fifa 21. Of course, this strongly depends on how the game will look like. But if we’ll have OP AI defending and slow and unreliable offensive build ups, the players will search for the new meta again. Others will replicate by having the same teams, custom tactics, style of play etc (lets hope that doesn’t happen).

    However, I will buy fifa 21 as it is the game I love the most and play the most. And although I hate the way EA relies on people’s addiction, I hope people will at least buy less fifa points.
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