Should I upgrade my 90 FB Alonso to 90 Militao/93 Upamecano...

FinnGameR15FinnGameR15 Posts: 4
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Im wondering if I should change my Alonso to Militao's FB/Upamecano/other or should I just keep Alonso and coins? I also have lots of high rated players in my club if im choosing to build Militao. I have allmost 600k to work with... He will be playing along with Petit at CB.
BTW I don't mind using players with 7 chem.
If you have any other suggestions 4 upgrading my squad please do let me know in the comments THANKS! :)

  1. Who to upgrade....?1 vote
    1. Militao 90
    2. Upamecano 93
    3. Keep Alonso and save coins
    4. Other (comment)
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