KDB & Guendouzi / Kante & Aouar


Hey Lads,

new weak new WL incoming. New thoughts how to improve the Team.

My current team:

How ever while i like Guendouzi and play him next to Marcelo as my CDM (4-2-3-1) I'am thinking that my Team is lacking a real CDM. Especially if I switch to 4-1-2-1-2 I don't have a cdm which sits back.

Therefore I came up with this possible solution:

What do you guys think?
Maybe some of you used KDB TOTY and FFS Aouar?

My Problem is:

I really love KDB. Just used him this wl (18 goals & 19 assists in 29 games). And I dont know if this new solution will upgrade my side this much thats it is worth to loose 300k on EA tax (Really this Tax stuff sucks)

Pls. let me know your opinion. Furthermore if you see other improvements don't hesitate and tell me. :)

(Hazard, Campbell, Juanfran, Casillas are untradeable) Current Budget before WL rewards (60k)

Thx in Advance.

  1. KDB & Guendouzi or Kante & Aouar4 votes
    1. KDB & Guendouzi
    2. Kante & Aouar


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