Is this cheating?

Goose8711Goose8711 Posts: 1
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today I came up against an opponent that had 2 human players in one side against me, this was in a division rivals game, I also felt I just couldn't tackle them at all and some of the goals they scored were awful, i lost the game. Felt I had no chance, is this cheating?
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    Gazoul870Gazoul870 Posts: 73
    It isn't cheating imo as it is a possible mode of play for all. If you come up against two or more users on a match it can sometimes be a challenge. I usually play the most frustrating possession game to anooy them and let them make mistakes to capitalize on. It is rare when this happens btw.
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    no, not really. its not like using a fifa ultimate team hack or anything like this. maybe there are some mods or cheats for FUT PC version, but thats it.

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