HOW I GOT THIS TEAM WITH 0 FP SPENT - an in depth look at trading methods I’ve found useful

So I started fifa this year and was fed up of playing with a substandard team, against players who had amazing squads. I haven’t got the disposable income to spend on countless fifa points so I did some research and experimented in how I could make coins for free starting at the end of January. Below are all the findings from this fifa that I have made coins with and an explanation of them all. (I am not the best trader and have a lot to learn, but some of this information may help others along). Has also helped me help along others through our discord server (if anyone would like an invite to the free server I can invite - we have a 750 member community who post free tips, give always, squad building advice etc etc) o:)

- Squad fitness cards - I have bought these during rewards on Thursday and lightning rounds on Friday for around 800 coins. As the weekend league progresses, these will gradually sell for more money. In saturdays they sell around 1800 coins, Sunday’s they can reach up to 2400 coins. Also found listing groups together that expire at the same time effective as these will all show up on the first pages near expiry together, so lazy buyers will buy them. This can also work for chemistry styles such as anchor, shadow, hunters.

( example here -

- Investing in out of pack players - if a player is due an inform, or tots card, their original cards won’t be in packs for that week, so their price will go up. As an example, see below with Daley blind. Bought his cards at 950 coins, sold for 3700 when he went out of packs.
(Example here - )

- Squad battles rewards -late Sunday, early Monday, people open their squad battle rewards and also sell of their weekend league teams, meta players will drop in value. These can be bought and held until Thursday when people rebuy meta players for weekend league, so the supply goes down and the value goes up.

- Lightning rounds - when a new promo goes up, the supply of cards greatly increases and also people list stuff for silly coins to get money to buy packs, players can be invested in here. When the new promos come out sometimes the servers also drop, so you can bid on some players for relatively cheap, then when the servers go down - people are unable to bid so can get some good stuff cheap.

League SBCs -
When new league SBCs come out, people will want to complete these for the player pick or for packs. You can invest in these players before the league SBC comes out, focussing on teams that either have a lot of silver players, or few players in certain positions.

(Examples from the Belgian league SBC -

- None rare players - there are some players that fluctuate weekly in value, as an example Fabian schar - he can fluctuate from 600coins to - 3/4K weekly. Also a lot of none rare players will be used for league sbcs. Can use futbin to check the fluctuations in players.

(Example here -

- SBCs - the requirements of these sbcs can cause the market to fluctuate massively - if a popular player comes out that people want, this can make players rise massively in value (will get called fodder). An example is Koke - he can drop as low as 9/10k - when the fut birthday SBC came out he rose to 25k. Also if the SBC requires a specific nation it can cause that nation to rise. Another SBC which has made a lot of us a lot of profit recently is the packs that require 11 rares from one league for an upgrade, this has pushed the rares that we’re 900 coins up to as high as 2.7k, especially with the SBC being repeatable (this is one that made me 1.4mil profit on one day)

( example here - )

- Ucl marquee match ups - now this is one I make a lot of coins on. When there is due to be champions league or uefa league game, there will be a UCL MM that require the ucl cards, this often pushes the ucl cards up from 800 coins to 4K.

- Mass bidding - you can literally pick any player that is on fifa and mass bid on all the cards for 400-500 coins below the lowest BIN (deepening on the value of the players) will win a few and can sell these for instant profit.

- inform cards - might not be as prominent now, but can invest in the cheaper higher rated in forms, then when an SBC comes out that requires an inform card, these can rise.

- icon flips - now these can fluctuate massively daily, using FUTBIN to monitor prices, can buy when they hit a low, and save for a couple of days until they rise (however the new leak about the icons might make the market drop again). An example of this is peles 98 rated card - on Thursday he will drop to 2.8mil coins, but on Saturday he rises to 3.6 mil coins - buying and selling one of these works out at 640k profit after tax.

- Bronze pack method - now I haven’t used this one out I know a lot of people do - a case of buying the cheapest bronze pack from the store, and listing everything and also hoping to get one of the more expensive bronze players or fitness cards.

Remember that anything you sell, 5% gets taken off for tax so to incorporate that into your price.

For any questions or advice please feel free to message me. Will also be inviting people to our free discord trading server

When fifa 21 comes out I will also be helping out with tips for trading from the very start of the game on here and discord.


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    ZuperspenceZuperspence Posts: 4
    We have a free discord server here, where we post free tips, squad building help and advice, competitions and give away a - the link is (the link is only valid for 24 hours - if you wish to join after comment
    Or message me)
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    andrelp99andrelp99 Posts: 145

    Great guide, like you I don't want to waste money on FIFA points, but with some tricks like the ones you mentioned here I managed to get almost 5 million coins this year, so that I could try lot of players. Very useful tips, I used a few this year, and for my personal experience, I did in april the bronze pack method for League SBC, I did all the leagues together, gained almost 100k and players to do Esswein SBC, so I would recomend it (if you got enough time).

    Thanks, this is an example of what this comunity can be. I won't buy FIFA 21, but if I ever decide to come back to FIFA, I will surely follow your advices.

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