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I stopped playing FUT a month ago now and all I can say is it’s great. I’m Playing seasons and already up to Div 2. You Still have the occasional injury time goal at the end of each half but none of the can’t pass 3 yards or players just stand still and don’t make runs rubbish. It’s a shame because I loved ultimate team but EA have killed it. You get a settled team and everything is great then all of a sudden they can no longer pass or tackle. That’s EA telling you they want you to buy some fifa points to keep the money rolling in or is that just me being cynical
  1. Is ultimate team scripted to get you to spend money7 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No


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    finnlfc19finnlfc19 Posts: 55
    The scripting is ridiculously obvious sometimes when I’m playing. All focused on making more money, not to mention the way the pack system works is essentially gambling. Not only is the game constantly trying to get you to spend money, but the way you spend money on the game is completely unethical. It’s shocking.
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    NoLuckNoCoinsNoLuckNoCoins Posts: 135
    It absolutely is. There are so many layers to which why FUT is made that way. A continious cycle us all players go through, all to manipulate us into thinking our team is the reason why we play bad, and not the scripting, or better yet dynamic difficulty adjustment. Just google about fifa and DDA and you’ll see everything.
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