Teach me how to grind 85-92 Plus

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I need help grinding 85-92 because I am trying to get fodder for SBCS please help


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    If you don't have anything in your club, start opening bronze packs. I always sell everything that is worth over 350 coins (often Top 5 Leagues, now also LW/LM and RW/RM).

    Store the rest in your club. By selling all the bronze players, I always managed to make profit from Bronze Pack Method. As soon as you think you have enough Bronze Players in your club (you get duplicates, etc.), start completing the new Bronze Upgrade SBC.
    From that you get Silver players; put these into the new Silver Upgrade SBC (the one where you get 4 Common Golds in return).

    Do the same with the Silvers; if you do that long enough you will have a lot of common golds. Put these into the 85-92 and you're good to go.

    Getting the Chemistry requirement may be a problem, but I haven't had any problems so far.
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    Thank u so much bro u helped me out big time and I managed to get Bernardo Silva and Vinicius junior for 50k
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