Most Toxic community

I never post anything anywhere, but this time this just got to my head and i just cant take it anymore. I cant even understand why a human being would act such a way. I had the unfortunate pleasure to move to live in mexico,and man oh man, being on this server is where i met the most toxic fifa community, these people watch every replay of every situation, its like they love being dheads, not to mention time wasting and some annoying game mechanics.
I mean why? Why somebody wants to be hated on purpose? What is it wrong with you people? Out of nowhere sometimes im just chilling around not even tryina win trying new players or tactics, these people score and shush all the way to europe!
L1+R1, stop being a douche dude, we here for fun, the game itself is already a poison with its crazy bullshit, dont be part of that
Grow up and learn to respect your opponents
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