I've created a platform that automatically track packs and packs weight!



Following the daily discussions about pack weight, pack manipulation, and so on, I've decided to create a website where you can easily collect all your packs information and from there analyze the probabilities of each item.

How does it work?

In order to collect the data a Chrome extension is needed. This extension will capture the data when you open a pack on the FUT Webapp.

This means that packs opened on a console or through the Companion app can't be saved.

Some more details can be found here


  • Collect data packs through the webapp
  • Packs history (per pack and per user)
  • Packs overview (#opened, coins spent, FP spent)
  • Rating distribution (per pack)
  • Types (i.e. players, healing, coach) distribution (per pack)
  • Players probabilities (per pack)
  • Filters (Date, Console, Tradable/Untradable, Payment type)

Currently it is the first version of the platform and you might found bugs, please report them so I can improve the website!

Also I would appreciate any suggestion and feedback!

FUT Pack Stats Website

FUT Pack Stats Chrome extension


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