FUT Team 1.3-1.5 million budget manage untradeables


Hey guys,

This is my current squad https://www.futbin.com/19/squad/3641975

I have untradeable Filipe Luis, Baresi, Pogba(gold) and Fabinho (gold 85)

Please give either suggestions to improve the squad (I have 400-500k coins + players) or if you have better suggestion you can give an idea for a Hybrid or different league team.



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    hey is some suggestions: In the End of the day I think its quite an aprovement:

    Budget 500
    +bale 200
    + Costa 180
    +Modric 65
    +Partey 7,3
    + de marcos 29
    +godin 95
    +oblak 54
    Sum 1130,3
    -anderson 278
    -mbappe 298
    -lala 74
    -kimpembe 279
    -buffon 38
    -griezmann 157
    Sum 6,3

    Next improvement Anderson to Neymar :smiley:

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    @foxygen07 I am playing 4-2-3-1 (two cdm's Pogba and Fabinho, Yedder CAM) I currently have fabinho gold, auba gold, Felipe And (86) godin (cl) and ben yedder IF, not Europa league. So when I sell my old players I can have 1.1mln to make the changes from the picture.

    However I have to make a compromise and I wonder to get Ben Yedder(Europa League), Varane (gold) and neymar or Varane, Neymar and Auba (if)

    I like Mbappe at ST as well but there is no good right winger to choose from to replace him, that's my issue.

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    y pretty good... but i dont know if 87 varane is the coins worth instead just use the gold version?! and i dont know about auba. Which formation do u play? I personally prefer mbappe as striker. And Griezmann is imo better than auba. Nvertheless its quite a nice team. depending on your player instruction and your formation ben yedder can and properly will get stamina issues...

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    @sportnii said:
    @foxygen07 now?

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    @foxygen07 now?

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    The Lind doesnt work

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    @foxygen07 What do you think for such version of the team https://www.futbin.com/19/squad-builder/4416182

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    @foxygen07 If we add neymar they are playing on 6 chem with fabinho

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    sportniisportnii Posts: 64
    edited January 2019

    @foxygen07 Thanks it looks great! I just pack militao so I have 300k extra so I might get neymar. I love how you spend the time and included all the untradables. Amazing job man! Thanks!

    Just one more thing dont you think costa halloween is better than griezman?

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    I would keep Mbappe.

    Griezmann is imo absolutely better than Halloween costa...

    Problem with ben yedder is his stamina... u have to sub him ou even the EL version.

    but i f you like him iwould go this way..... and maybe next week or in 2 weeks you can afford an icon instead of ben yedder..... cause i would always recommend Neymar as middle cam.... (5*wf)

    grießmann RCAM, so you would need a classy LCAM

    what is about this version:

    Ingame neymar goes Cam, filipe anderson LCAM, Griez RCAM, Mbappe ST

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