Result of 350 Prime Icon Moments packs



The much awaited Prime Icon Moments SBC is finally here.

Like I did for other packs I collected 350 packs from various Youtube channels and here are the results.


We are looking at 350 PIM Packs, worth about 126'000'000 coins (~360'000 each), that's a quite a lot.

We can skip the ratings' distribution, since it isn't fascinating for icons.

The prices' distribution with the quartiles says a lot about this SBC.

50% of the icons found are worth less than 280'000, that's already 80'000 in loss. If we want to break even or make a bit of profit we only the 38% of packs are in this category.

84 Icons were found out of 90, missing players were, of course, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Zidane, Guillit, Pelé, and surprisingly Stoichkov!

Should you do the SBC? (opinion)

We are near the end cycle of FIFA and might be a good time to switch up formation and try some PIM that you probably didn't touch the whole game.

I would do it a couple of times and play with any Icon you would get. Don't do the SBC with the idea of packing Ronaldo, but with the idea of trying whatever you get!

All the data has been taken from Youtube channels, credits:

  • bateson87
  • Inception FC
  • NepentheZ
  • Zwieback
  • MattHDGamer
  • Nerdier
  • Nick - RunTheFUTMarket
  • Chuffsters
  • Sexy
  • ChuB oi
  • ArciiGaming
  • Fuji
  • Its Haber
  • FUT FG
  • AuzioMF
  • Ratedhugo
  • SuPeR TraDeoS
  • Nanoohm
  • REEV
  • AA9skillz
  • HMFifa
  • Zealots X


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