Can someone help build a squad for 1 million...

Have untradable mbappe and best. Have 1 million coins to build the squad. Don’t mind having best or mbappe on 7 Chem as they are both rw’s. Switch to 4-2-3-1 in game.


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    this might be a good solution
    neymar is a bit expensive but he is also the 2nd best player in the game after CR7
    chiellini is a beast, with a shadow he is fast enough
    IG: you can swith the offensive players as you want but i prefer neymar as a central cam

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    OHiggOHigg Posts: 13
    This is 937k including untraedeable best and Mbappe


    Mane(Normal) Son(Inform) Best

    Fabinho(nrml) Pogba(nrml) Mbappe(rm)

    Robertson Varane Kimpembe Lala(84)


    Everyone is on 10 chem with loyalty apart from Mbappe and Varane who with manager and loyalty Mbappe will be on 8 chem and Varane also on 8. Hope this is good enough for you maybe once you get 100k more you could replace Van Dijk for Kimpembe.
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    OHiggOHigg Posts: 13
    Then obviously switch to 4-2-3-1 in game with pogba and Fabinho cbs and mane, best and Mbappe cams.
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