Best ST/CF icon for less than 350k?

I know the game is nearly ending but i would like to have your opinion.


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    andrelp99andrelp99 Posts: 143

    Imho these for, for your budget, are the best around:
    Stoichov Moments
    Raul Moments
    Butragueno Prime
    Dalglish Mid (with a little more budget, 500k more or less, you can get his Prime)

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    Willis2020Willis2020 Posts: 13
    For under 350k you’re looking at players such as (in order from best to worst in my opinion):
    - Icon Moments Zola (92)
    - Icon Moments Berkamp (93)
    - Icon Moments Hugo Sanchez (93)

    You can also use Icon Moments Stoichkov who is just over 350k he’s trading around 375k. Hope this helps you bruv, good luck with ur squad.
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    I have had Moments Hernandez (92) for 200+ games. He is an absolute steal for ~200k. He’s cheap enough to take a punt on and not have to worry about losing money. Just give him a try.
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