Who Is better 87 Jordi alba or future stars grimaldo

Jfw2000Jfw2000 Posts: 1
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Iv build my La Liga team I have Jordi alba at left back however this new future stars card grimaldo card has come out and people are telling me mixed options wondering if anyone could shed some light
  1. Who is better2 votes
    1. Jordi Alba
    2. Grimaldo


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    I have jordi alba 87 and he is a beast... He is everywhere on the left side he alway pass in front of the attacker. My advice is a sentinel to boost his defending and physicality
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    I've used Alba in a few teams and I enjoy him, but haven't got my hands on a Grimaldo yet. Grimaldo's defense and physical look a bit better than Alba's though. Let us know if you try him out!

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