What formations you using

Last year used 4231 and felt quite good using it, this year so far have had better results using a solid 442, fancy a change now as got dominated by a 433 today but came back from 3 0 down to 3 3, what formation and in game tactics are you all finding is the best to use, normally finish gold 3 weekend league, div 4 player


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    I tried 4231 and 442 (both variants) and they were OK, but I'm having the most success with the 4411 (which version has a CF instead of CAM). It makes a big difference compared to 4231 as you can set the guy behind the striker to run in behind, which I find really helps stretch the play. It's got from where you are, div 4 & G3, to div 2 & G2 :)

    I play pressure on possession loss, 4 width, 6/7 depth, fast build up (can't remember what I have the other 2 set as, possibly both 6). It's much more fun than playing drop back 1 depth, and more effective in my opinion :)
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    I use 4-2-4 for an offensive side or 4-5-1 with the two cams for more tactical
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