Squad import/analyzer, & questions for the community


Hello All,

-Have you been banned from Transfer market in FIFA19 due to using squad import/analyzer and whats been your experience?

I'm a hobby Fifa 19 user, I do SBC's mainly for players that fit my EPL/LL team and full disclosure I buy packs. I'm 4M or 5M transfer profit so far this game, but don't want to get banned from TM (Don't use it then right?!). But I'm getting too lazy and my club is too many players to manually go through and search/complete some of the smaller sbc's(league's). And I know I have millions worth of value in my club currently. Would I be taking a YUGE risk by importing my club? Would it be considered coin shifting by EA? I saw greatfutsby get temp banned and I'm confident he doesn't cheat in the market. Thanks and GG.

  1. Will I get banned from using squad import?3 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Maybe


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