Game freezes on all rivals, online friendlies and WL

Hi can someone explain or help to improve connection using WiFi but issues with playing other players it’s freezes then catches up. Pretty much 95% ping is 6-10 each way...


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    I have this problem but it only happens on wl... qualified last five weeks and each week I’ve lost at least 5 games due to connection issues.
    This weekend I have lost 9 games through lag spikes causing me to disconnect (fri/sat and Sunday at various times of the day and night)
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    I’ve had a similar problem. It all started from the icon swaps. After finishing my games doing the Golden goal rule with the community, now every time I play a game it just completely kicks me out of ultimate team. Like today I won 4 matches on futchamps and I could be gold 2 by now but it sent me to the menu saying I quit the match. So I tried playing squad battles and the same thing happened once the match was done and it gave me a loss. Anyone else experiencing this issue?
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    I seemed to have fixed mine with going from WiFi to hard wired to and from router to Xbox
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    tomassantos17tomassantos17 Posts: 1
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    Bro this game is so sh*t
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