Im here to help you prepare for the weekend league. AKA I build meta teams :-)


Hope you have a great day. I'll just be adding links and telling a brief description of it. (Your squad)
Players to use:
Have a good day :)


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    Platform: X1
    Formation: I like to play with 2 strikers in game but u can use any formation to build a squad
    My squad:
    Untradables: Felix, Mane, Kante, Walker, Aouar
    U can use other cards as it it my budget + 100k that i have in club

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    pibblepibble Posts: 16
    Hey I was wondering if u could build me a squad in either 352 or a 5 at the back (except for 5221) I’ve got ferland mendy, varane, ffs todibo, uel atal, flashback ronaldo, Duncan, baby butragueno, 86 if rashford untradebale but I don’t mind which ones are there or not as long as the overall team is good. Chem isn’t massive as long as everyone’s on at least 6 and overall is like 95? I’ve got 300k in the bank for this team. Much appreciation if u manage to get round to making this for me. I’m on Xbox btw
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    Plataforma: PS4
    Química mínima :95
    Formación: In game 41212(2)
    Jugadores que deben estar en: mané and if it is possible dos santos, dybala..
    Jugadores intransferibles (opcional):Acuña showdown,oblak,mane,ansu fati player of the month, curtis jones mc, jonathan dos santos, dybala moments, scholes medium, capa freeze, gimenez and iñaki rulebreaker, aouar freeze, klaiber, atal rttf, alessandrini, guedes, khedira flashback, kounde blue and cr7 flashback

    a lot of intransf sorry xD

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    Platform: PS4
    Budget: 1.3 mill
    Formation: any, doesn’t matter
    Untradables: 88 Martinez, FS dalot, 86 cancelo, Campbell, vidic, yashin, van dijk, oblak
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    > > Budget: 1 million
    > > Formation: Any (no preference, just 100 chem :))
    > > Players to use: Robben, Klaiber, Rooney (and if possible Kante)
    > - other untradable players: Varane, mendy, pope if, malen, sinkgraven, gravenberch, van bergen, baumgartl, walker, joao cancello & suarez.
    > > Platform: PS4
    > > Prefrences: 2 CDM’s to use in my 4231 formation, thank you!
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    Budget : 5k
    Platform ps4
    Must have 100 chem with manager (all players have loyalty and everyone on at least 6 chem)
    Players that must be included: moments suarez, potm yazici, 86 overmars, 86 maddison, 84 elvedi
    Untreadables that my be useful:87zambrotta, varane, 86 herrera, 86 beckham, 85 capa, 84 inaki, 84 carrasco, 83 dembele, 82 aidoo, 86 aouar, 84 denayer, 82 atal, 87 pogba, 85 bolasie, 85 rashford, 83 joe gomes, 84 james rodriguez, 90 kimmich, 86 reus, 84 cunha, 83 hradecky, 82 lucas hernandez, 81 alphonso davies, 80 klostermann, 81 harit, 83 jovic
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    Hasan403Hasan403 Posts: 13
    Budget:around 500k more or less
    Formation: any man
    Players to use: with(untradeable):neymar,maddison 86(IF), RTTF joao cancelo,cech,varane,mendy,robben FB,dybala moments,carrasco(SIF),mukiele,headliner savic,suarez moments, POTM felix,cunha headliner, klaiber,inaki williams scream, zaha (SIF),RTTF insigne,fabregas record breaker,RTTF peres, delaney IF,duncan milestone
    Preferences:honestly i just want neymar and Maddison on 10 chem, other than that do whatever you want
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    Budget 300-500k
    Platform ps4
    Formation any formation with 4 defenders
    Players to use: untradable:hierro-van dijk-bellarin-mahrez-dybala
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    what to change? what formation to play? how to arrange the composition? who to get rid of in SBC? I have budget about 300k.

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    Platform: ps4
    Formation: no preferences but i like formation that got wingers.
    Players to use: Untradeables TOTT bruno fernandez , freeze gnabry, john barnes, freez wan bissaka, otw allan, lucas dont have to use all of them
    Preferences: i dont have really.

    thanks !!!

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    hidde286hidde286 Posts: 1
    Can you help me with a fun team?
    Budget: 1.9 M
    Platform: ps4
    Formation: in game 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1
    Players to use: Ronaldo (Untradeable), Mbappe (Untradeable), Robben and Klaiber.

    I also have Untradeable van Dijk, Adama freeze, Alisson, Marquinhos freeze, red IF Rashford. But they are optional.

    And it don't have to be a full meta team😁

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    Help me to do a meta team please
    Untradeable: henry 90
    Must have: Messi 93
    Budget: 1 M
    Platform: PS5
    Preferences: have fun
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    Help me to improve, please.
    Formation: 4-2-3-1 (2)
    Untradeables: Depay 87, Aouar 86, Mollet 86, Lala 85, Volland 86 CB, Atal 82, Delort 82, Matuidi 83
    Tradeables: Bamba 84, Sissoko 79, Kamara 83, Marquinhos 85, Navas 87, Dembele 83, Florenzi 84
    Min chemistry: 110
    Platform: PS4
    Hybrid: whatever is good
    Any additional preferences: I'm really bad at slow-dribbling and special movements. I prefer getting away by speed changes, stop-and-go and a lot of passing,... And is it necessary to go for Neymar and Mbappe? Or are there other alternatives cheaper that improve what I get?


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    Budget: 350k
    Platform: PS4
    Formation: 442 or In game 442
    Players to use: Untradeables (DONT HAVE TO BE USED) are: 85 vidic, 85 Beckham, 82 Aido
    Preferences: For the 2 cm’s in the 442 one of them to be a cdm/ to be able to play on stay back while attacking and the other one to be box to box/cam
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    Budget: 580k
    Platform: PlayStation
    Formation: anything will do (not 5 at back)
    Players to use: freeze Hazard (ST)
    Untradables: none
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    SylaynSylayn Posts: 11
    Budget: 1.6kk
    Platform: PC
    Formation: 4231 and 352
    Players to use: untradable: IF renato sanches, joe gomez, vvd, 87 depay, red 84 bamba
    Preferences: I really like ben yedder (inform) and potm felix, both would be great but ones enough

    Thank you!!
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    Formation: used to play with 41212 wide can be changed
    **Budget: totw son(290k) hierro 89(280k) salah (238k) Trent AA TOTT (100k) so around 900k can keep them in to
    Untradeables / Players you want to use: untradble: Van Dijk, mane, totw vardy, totw hernandez 86, neymar, martial, robertson,ederson and kante


    Div 4 player yeah goodluck 😅
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    Budget: 1.5mil
    Platform: Xbox
    Formation: any I like use 4222, 4231, 442 in game
    Untradeable:(don’t have to be used) Alison, vvd, son, freeze auour, freeze adama, rttf kounde,
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    pibblepibble Posts: 16
    Forgot to mention headliners tavernier also x
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