Im here to help you prepare for the weekend league. AKA I build meta teams :-)


Hope you have a great day. I'll just be adding links and telling a brief description of it. (Your squad)
Players to use:
Have a good day :)


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    Platform: X1
    Formation: I like to play with 2 strikers in game but u can use any formation to build a squad
    My squad:
    Untradables: Felix, Mane, Kante, Walker, Aouar
    U can use other cards as it it my budget + 100k that i have in club

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    hidde286hidde286 Posts: 1
    Can you help me with a fun team?
    Budget: 1.9 M
    Platform: ps4
    Formation: in game 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1
    Players to use: Ronaldo (Untradeable), Mbappe (Untradeable), Robben and Klaiber.

    I also have Untradeable van Dijk, Adama freeze, Alisson, Marquinhos freeze, red IF Rashford. But they are optional.

    And it don't have to be a full meta team😁

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    Help me to do a meta team please
    Untradeable: henry 90
    Must have: Messi 93
    Budget: 1 M
    Platform: PS5
    Preferences: have fun
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    Help me to improve, please.
    Formation: 4-2-3-1 (2)
    Untradeables: Depay 87, Aouar 86, Mollet 86, Lala 85, Volland 86 CB, Atal 82, Delort 82, Matuidi 83
    Tradeables: Bamba 84, Sissoko 79, Kamara 83, Marquinhos 85, Navas 87, Dembele 83, Florenzi 84
    Min chemistry: 110
    Platform: PS4
    Hybrid: whatever is good
    Any additional preferences: I'm really bad at slow-dribbling and special movements. I prefer getting away by speed changes, stop-and-go and a lot of passing,... And is it necessary to go for Neymar and Mbappe? Or are there other alternatives cheaper that improve what I get?


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    Budget: 350k
    Platform: PS4
    Formation: 442 or In game 442
    Players to use: Untradeables (DONT HAVE TO BE USED) are: 85 vidic, 85 Beckham, 82 Aido
    Preferences: For the 2 cm’s in the 442 one of them to be a cdm/ to be able to play on stay back while attacking and the other one to be box to box/cam
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    Budget: 580k
    Platform: PlayStation
    Formation: anything will do (not 5 at back)
    Players to use: freeze Hazard (ST)
    Untradables: none
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    SylaynSylayn Posts: 11
    Budget: 1.6kk
    Platform: PC
    Formation: 4231 and 352
    Players to use: untradable: IF renato sanches, joe gomez, vvd, 87 depay, red 84 bamba
    Preferences: I really like ben yedder (inform) and potm felix, both would be great but ones enough

    Thank you!!
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    Formation: used to play with 41212 wide can be changed
    **Budget: totw son(290k) hierro 89(280k) salah (238k) Trent AA TOTT (100k) so around 900k can keep them in to
    Untradeables / Players you want to use: untradble: Van Dijk, mane, totw vardy, totw hernandez 86, neymar, martial, robertson,ederson and kante


    Div 4 player yeah goodluck 😅
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    Budget: 1.5mil
    Platform: Xbox
    Formation: any I like use 4222, 4231, 442 in game
    Untradeable:(don’t have to be used) Alison, vvd, son, freeze auour, freeze adama, rttf kounde,
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    Platform: ps4
    Formation: no preferences but i like formation that got wingers.
    Players to use: Untradeables TOTT bruno fernandez , freeze gnabry, john barnes, freez wan bissaka, otw allan, lucas dont have to use all of them
    Preferences: i dont have really.

    thanks !!!

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