Can anyone think of a reason not to quit the game?

I know I shouldn't because we deserve better, but I've come to accept that the gameplay will be shit from time to time. It sucks when it's happening, but I grind through because I know in a few hours, or the following day, it'll be good again and I'll enjoy playing. It's worth the grind because when it's good I get the reward of having better players at my disposal. But not any more.

The gameplay seems to have already reached the 'permanently fucking shite' phase, which I didn't expect until like March/April time. Over the past 2 weeks I've played at least a couple of games per day, and not once on any of those occasions was the game even manageable - it was dreadful every time.

I get the impression it's not so bad if you really on skill moves, because although they're less responsive, so are the defender's. I don't though, I'm in the small minority of players who try and pass their way to goal, and even managed to firmly establish myself in division 1 doing so. When the gameplay is shit, it just kills the passing, everything is overhit, underhit, or just plain inaccurate, even the most simple 5 yard layoff goes wrong. The meta already favours skill-spamming over anything the resembles real football, and the state of the game now makes it feel impossible. I've dropped over 200 skill points in the last fortnight.

I'm at my wits end and, as stupid as this sounds, a bit heartbroken. I know it's far from perfect, and literally every patch has damaged rather than improved the game, but this had been my favourite fifa in years. I started in div 3, dropped down to 4 for a bit while I found my feet, before slowly slowly slowly dragging myself forward into div 1 and then managing to compete at that level (while also getting to 20 WL wins for the first time in any fifa). I was playing anti-meta football, and fucking loving it, but all that happiness has gone. In the age of Corona virus this is my primary leisure activity, and now every day I finish my shitty work day, jump into fifa, and then proceed to be made absolutely fucking miserable.

Is there any point in continuing? Also, does anyone else out there feel the same way? Thanks


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    MS31MS31 Posts: 3
    Without going into detail much further (as I could write an entire book about why you should never come close to this game again), in short as an answer to your Q: No. There is no reason for you or anyone to continue playing this game, if your goal is to have casual gaming fun in the classic sense of the term.

    I am someone who has been playing since fifa 06, and since fifa points and Twitch streamers entered the scope of fifa, this game has been ruined in all thinkable ways, purely for monetization purposes. I stopped playing since 19, and I would highly recommend you to do so too!
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    Think I’ll be quitting too fed up of the gameplay. Not as good as a lot of people but I can hold my own. Very slow and unresponsive gameplay 80% of the time. Got into habit of selling players cos I thought they became crap. Could it be EA is just a money making scheme, glitching players after so many games causing people to buy and sell all the while???
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