Prem players extinct

Vizza92Vizza92 Posts: 1
Why are westbrom players extinct, can't finish off the sbc?


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    Gazoul870Gazoul870 Posts: 92
    The silver CB,CDM,CM and ST players from the team transferred away and EA says just open packs to get them.

    I was able to get 3 of them today on the market so I think EA has increased the number available in packs.

    I was doing all the silver SBC I could to discover any but really since it was difficult to find the players EA saw the opportunity to increase profits by suggesting buying packs.

    I think there will be more and cheaper of these as time passes but I do note that the frequency increase comes AFTER the TOTY time period has elapsed.

    Well. I will finish this league tonight and find out which team is the West Brom of the Spanish league since it's also an Ultimate Pack.
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