500k for Rijkaard or 300k for ndombele?

If I get Frank Rijkaard I lose prime untradable Rui Costa (so sbc cost around 500k) it should I get the future star ndombele for 300k baring that I wail play them at cdm
  1. 500k Rijkaard (lose Costa)or 300k Ndombele6 votes
    1. Rijkaard
    2. Ndombele


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    Ndombele has decent face card stats but when you look into it, he’s not that fantastic. Terrible jumping, being only 5’11 he’s not gonna win you any headers as a CDM. His passing is not great, his stamina is bad. Rijkard can be seen as an investment to put into Veiria when he comes. Additionally, he’s way better than ndomele and will link to everyone
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