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0 in my team in game I play 4, 4,2 (2nd) my strikers are Alessandrini and Puskas my two cdms are Duncan and kimmich my left back is Theo Hernandez and right back is Mukiele and my two center backs are boateng sbc and Cuadrado and my left wing is insigne rttf and lozano headliner the players who are tradeable are insigne and hernandes and also my goalkeeper is Gulasci I have 200k to spend for improvements.


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    Alright mate, first off good choice for choosing the 4-4-2 (2) in-game, solid formation. I have only have 1 or 2 players depending on how much you have by now.

    Firstly I’ve taken Cuadrado and Gulacsi out of your squad. Cuadrado for chemistry reasons and Gulacsi cos he is shit. I recommend you use the 4-5-1 to start with before changing in-game to the 4-4-2 (2). Your starting formation is as follows:
    - GK: Neuer (89) or Ter Stegen (90)
    NOTE: Pick whoever depending on budget
    - RB: RB Mukiele (84)
    - RCB: FB Boateng (90)
    - LCB: Freeze Gosens (85)
    - LB: Hernandez (80)
    - CM: IF Kimmich (91)
    - RM: FB Alessandrini (85)
    - LM: RTTF Insigne (87)
    - RCAM: Puskas (90)
    - LCAM: Duncan (83)
    - ST: Headliners Lozano (87)

    I also highly recommend you don’t waste Lozano’s talent on the wing and pair him up front with Puskas and play Alessandrini at RM.
    Play the rest of the players in the positions you want for your in-game formation. Hopefully this helps you out, good luck with your squad.
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