1 million to spend

This is my current team https://www.futbin.com/21/squad/6559806

I usually start with 4312 and depending on how the game is going I change to 5212 with petit going into CB.

I have 1 million coins and not really sure where to improve and who to buy. Everyone is untradable apart from cuadrado. Only player I don’t really like is garrincha who I sometimes sub off for POTM felix or mid socrates. I like petit but he can sometimes be a bit too slow. I love guimaraes but I know most people would probably say to get someone better than him and I was thinking prime ballack or schweinsteiger.

So I just wanted to know if there’s any players I should replace and who with or if I should just save the coins until I get enough for someone I really want or when anything new comes out.


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