My defense is so wide opened, while i mad it individiual

I dont get it, im currently div 6 and lose almost all of my games, even though im with the ball the most time, but whenever im at my opponents there are so many players and no pass or shoot comes trough, but whenever my opponents come to my side there are almost no players and they arent even close to each other and my opponent can easily pass in my penalty area . Now i want to know how and why its like this, i play on defensive and already did stuff on individiual tactics so that some of the mids are behind and all defenders keep being on my side but my opponent comes easily trough.


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    Simple go on twtich and watch how better players play the game
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    Hmmm i had the same problem when I started. I’ve watched so many videos on defense that it’s dizzying. Best suggestion I got was to leave your back line alone, cut passing lanes with your cdms, cms and rb and lb. I found that that further back I put my defense in tactics my opponent would get real close and score easily. The tactics I use is push my defense forward to the limit right before it’s considered ultra attacking, keep them balanced in width not too wide or narrow and only switch to the rb or lb when it’s time to fight for the ball or to put them back in position yourself. Never, ever switch to your cbs. Lately I’ve been using the 4231 (2) formation put cdms I’m aggressive interception and use my cm to manually run and cut passing lanes like 2-3 passes ahead. If my cdms don’t get then I will down the field. Sometimes simply while running in a straight line back to your goal, with your cm, the player will run into the ball.
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