Offering Free Squad Building Help

Shadowchampion001Shadowchampion001 Posts: 22
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Hey guys,

I've love building squads and as someone who's played more than 100 draft (all online) games, I've used a fair amount of players.

If you guys need help building your dream team for FUT, reach out to me on twitter with the following information, and I'll try and have a squad ready as soon as possible (usually couple of hours).

The best part is that I'm always down to chat about the squad, so if you don't like a certain player, we can always discuss it and make changes. Just fill out the information below and copy it onto twitter and @ me.



Preferred Formation (Optional):

Untradable Players/Players you'd want/don't want (Optional):

Other Information:

Thanks, I look forward to helping you set up your dream team!

P.S. - I don't ever charge for anything, I do this for fun and therefore, everything is free!

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