Can someone help me?

So, lately I haven’t had too much fifa coins relative to other players, but I’d like more cause I’m getting battered in WL and div rivals so If someone has like and Xbox gift card or some trading tips anything is welcome if u have an Xbox gift card so I can open a few packs I can give you my insta or Twitter so you can dm me thanks a ton :)


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    DvnoDvno Posts: 9
    Wait you’re actually thinking people will give you money to buy packs? Why would we give you money? Someone we don’t know and how would that benefit us? Why don’t we just keep our money and open packs ourselves.... btw do sbcs & squad battles you get rewards every week from div rivals plus squad battles be patient and make good investements. Also, view player reviews so you have an idea of who you’re buying if he fits in your team and if he won’t be a flop.
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    Dzns1Dzns1 Posts: 1
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