Real life tragedy’s

Does no one else feel that whenever a football player suffers a tragedy in real life it is disgusting that the fifa community jump on the band wagon and inflate the price of the said individual. The most recent example would be Emiliano Sala has been reported missing and his price has been inflated to 6.5k people profiting off of this is disgusting and the same happened last year with Davide Astori. I just don’t understand why the community does this anyway rant over


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    edhoypedhoyp Posts: 18
    who actually buy these cards anyway?
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    > @edhoyp said:
    > who actually buy these cards anyway?

    I do not have a clue my friend but I would say it’s very disrespectful to try and turn a profit from a tragedy.
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    It's unfortunate but I heard it on the radio and that second I bought 12 of them for 550 each roughly. I'll wait a few days until he's confirmed dead and then he'll be 10k BIN

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