What should I invest in?

can somebody tell me in which player I should invest and maybe the reason why?


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    It depends on your budget. For example, I did some SBCs like Zlatan, Sturridge and Baresi and right now I've got like 500k to invest, so I'm bidding on the cheapest 85 and 86 rated because they're useful for SBCs and as you can see, we're getting a lot of SBCs, like Icons or Flashbacks. My target is to get 85 for 10k or less and some guys for like 11k (like Kompany) due to their good league/nationality. As for 86, 17k or less is perfect. Then, you sell them for like
    12.5k+ and 19k+ respectively, making basically 1k per card. If you get 30 of them, easy 30k. So basically you bid, list them and relist every hour, but they're most likely going to sell very easily at 6pm (uk time) cause it's when SBCs are released. Pay attention to that hour and rise prices if you need, cause your cards can go even higher in price if a very good and in-demand SBC comes on.
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    I would play dome DR get the coins and invest in 83/84s. Some 83s are less than 1000 Coins and could raise up to 3,5k when EA releases Winter OTW. There could be a summer otw SBC which means you can pack CR7 so a lot of people will do the sbc. My OTWs went to 28 from 22.
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    Hradecky and Baumann are usually good players to invest in for SBCs when their prices go down after an event
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