Game-Speed, from game to game variable?!

Can anyone explain, why some games are normaly paced and others are much faster, almost unplayable and not fun at all? It seems that this akward problem occurs only in Division Rivals and not in the weekend leagues... What you think that could be? Cheaters with speedbots? I am playing on PS4 bye the way.


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    Idk i hat the same thing today
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    I've noticed the gameplay sucks Monday thru Wednesday then speeds up for the weekend.
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    InsidiousInsidious Posts: 349
    less people play divison rivals during the weekend. But I agree tho, during the week divison rivals games are inconsistent
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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    division rivals is the most scripted mode after squad battles. Weekend league has the least amount of scripting.

    Weekend league has a consistent speed to the game. What happens more in weekend league is that your players will get more affected by the so called "dynamic football realism".

    One of the big things i realise is when i am up against a player who i am much better than. That is when you can see and feel how your passes are suddenly bad and players turn slower and shooting is not the same. That is when you got to start playing safe and dont let the game make mistakes for you.

    Also another big thing in div rivals and wl with this scripting is that you can see how non aggressive your team becomes. Tactically they are far from where they should be and used to be in previous matches.

    In WL the aggression is more consistent. But in division rivals that will change much much more. Basically that is why so many players can suddenly score a goal to equalise. You can see how your 96 aggression Keane will not try to get the ball at all etc.

    The best way to handle these things is to be patient and realise that sometimes you got to play safer and slower and stop going mad attacking quick play. You have to learn to adjust your play style to different scenarios this stupid scripting creates.

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    Moes1986Moes1986 Posts: 115
    Hi guys did you have the same issue as me today and yesterday the game speed on playstation was really really slow its not the network or something else, its really frustrating do you know something to change that ?
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