Please help me with hybrid!!!


I need help with building hybrid. I want to have 100 chemistry and every player have 10 chemistry except at most 1 player with 8 chemistry.

I have to have a few players in squad because they are untradeable. So they are De jong SBC future stars, Coutinho SBC, normal Marcelo and I really want to have normal Salah in this squad. Players haven't to be on their position because I can change formation during a match!

Thanks for every help!


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    Huubd66Huubd66 Posts: 1
    edited January 2019

    try 4321

      Couthinho jesus salah

    Casemiro Fabinho. De jong

    Marcelo varane de ligt(if). Dumfries (SBC)


    I hope thise helps

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    jan21jan21 Posts: 3
    Coutinho Jesus Salah
    Arthur/Fabinho DeJong Wijnaldum
    Marcelo DeLight VanDijk Aurier/Walker/Valencia
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    Can I give there Ramos too?
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    niki5niki5 Posts: 8
    I don’t know how many coins do you have :D
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    jan21jan21 Posts: 3
    > @pjota05
    > Can I give there Ramos too?
    > You Can change To 4-5-1 and Can take Ramos as Right Center Back Courtouis as goalkeeper and Dumfries or zanetti as Right back
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