Which league do you guys think is the most OP?

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SO this is a debate we have been having on some of my streams, but in general, we ( friends and I) have remade our teams about 4-5 times. All different than the last, my question to you guys is what league takes the icing on the cake?

From personal Experience, for me, it is between Italia's Serie A and Francia's Ligue 1. Although I have played with almost all of them, those two stand out. I personally would put the Bundesliga over Serie A but they just have some cheap OP players and of course cover boy.

What are your thoughts?!?!

  1. Which league has had the most potential this year for you?3 votes
    1. Serie A
    2. Bundesliga
    3. Ligue 1
    4. LaLiga


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    Bundesliga is my favorite league however I’m taking this view from an unbiased POV. I really think the bundesliga is strong. You have POTM and sooo many SBC and promo cards when compared to the other leagues. La Liga doesn’t even stand a chance. Premier League is EA’s oblivious favorite and so annoying coming up against. Honestly a lot of the Prem’s cards aren’t even that great. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of good cards and players but many are just high rated. Serie A is also a good shout but I feel it lacks something. Maybe AMAZING CB’s? And midfielders. Ligue 1 is a joke besides the few PSG players and occasional promo/sbc cards like Lala, Mendy, Aouar, etc.
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    @Futballer7 : I get that alot with Ligue 1 but Im a PSG fanboy this year lol and with Lala being the beast RB this year, scream Verrati and a few plugs from Olympique you get a Very Solid Squad and the french links help. Bundes is hands down the most underrated I think and its been like that since forever. But as for the Prem, I agree 100% you look at the squads when your matched up and are like ehh shouldn't be to hard, and then WHAM your down 2-1 lol I start with a prem team every year and always regret it later. But get matched up against one and it's like hell.

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