Is ronney Flashback worth it???

Fille0987Fille0987 Posts: 12
Is ronnney Flashback worth it?? Cost around 300 k! 90 CF
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    Totally not worth it... Overpriced and bad league to link
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    > @FORZARAClNG said:
    > That's not his name

    Weren't you the Guy blaming others for not respecting religions? And now you make fun of ppl that misspell names? How does that fit to your religious stuff?
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    The Best with Ibragod
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    For me its a bit too early to tell.. 7 games 4 goals.. he has moments of brilliance and then moments of being complete tosh... but at 300k unless, you have a lot of players already in your club and you can do it for like 150k then its not really worth it in my opinion

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    If you are looking for a goal scorer probably not, but as a cam i really like him. He has really good passing is very strong
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