Please Help me Pick an Icon Cam!?!?!?!

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I recently packed Socrates and used him for fut champs but he seemed sluggish, I do not want to invest in a new team as of yet but want to get another icon to replace him at cam for under 950k, I do not know who to get so I would like some advice on who to get and why?


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    SteghiSteghi Posts: 8
    Hagi I tried and its seems a god for me also nedved and stoichov 90
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    All these guys are good: 90 Bergkamp, Del Piero, any Stoichkov, Rivaldo, even Nakata is good
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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 53

    Do you have a favourite icon from the past? Get that guy. If you are too young and don't have any nostalgia over good ol' days of football.
    Then it depends on how you play the game.

    I would say get Scholes because in real life he was the best player to ever grace the midfield on a football pitch. Is he meta in game? no. Will he score great goals and pass great? yes he will. Do you play possession and shooting from outside the box then Scholes is great. Also makes the good runs into the box...even heads them in once in a while.

    Lampard is close to Scholes it seems, i have not tried Lampard but he is on my wish list.

    Ballack and Gerrard and Scholes and Lampard. Very good players can do it all more or less. Ballack and Gerrard more overall complete midfielders. Scholes and Lampard more attacking.

    (price ranges differ between the players mentioned, but a baby or middle version should still be in your budget of certain players) Scholes and Lampard i think are the cheaper of the Prime i mentioned above.

    IF you can do the Nakata SBC cheap then DO IT! He is pretty good! Nakata has a tendency to win the ball back and intercept it high up the pitch. Hazard does not do that, Dyabala does not do that, messi does not do that etc.
    yes Nakata is not as good at dribbling as ex Hazard and similar price ranged attacking small players.
    But it is not a big difference and for some reason i find Nakata's passing is insane. On the level of Scholes. Shooting is not as good as Scholes but it is still great.
    You can just use a chem style to boost the area you want and it is a really good cheap icon. Which you can use in a ICON sbc in the future!

    Rui Costa i would stay away from...If you did not like Socrates then you won't like Costa.

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    Prime Gary Lineker with hunter card
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    Hristo stoichkov is unbelivable
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    MacalawdMacalawd Posts: 35
    Surprisingly Nakata is unbelievable for my team! Only done him to put into another icon sbc but no chance I'll be doing that now.
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    Prime Litmanen is so cheap and the insane

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    DF45DF45 Posts: 39
    Prime Baggio. 850k. Hes a beast. (Also 5 star skills)
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