New Crossing methode

Hey guys!

How do you do the new Crossing methode?
Ive got CR7 and Bale on the wings, cant score a cross. Need hour help guys!


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    You’ll need to practice in the skills game to aim for the targets in crossing. Also keep in mind that sometimes the pass goes all the way to the other winger if you load too much or aim it incorrectly. It is way more productive to get right on the lower corner of the box close to the line before making a suicide pass back to the center or a short cross to the center. Also there is a skill move that once done and then immediately cross the call it results in amazing goals. While standing still facing the goal from the wing close to the top corner of the box, If you press L2/LT + fake pass/shoot + plus direction towards the end line your player will fake to the center and go to the end line giving a small space to center the ball. You can quickly press cross button and your striker near post is likely to score or you can keep going to the end line and cross once closer but probability to score goes down if you do not perform the cross immediately. Try it
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    InsidiousInsidious Posts: 349
    use semi on crossing. you can change from the settings
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