Needing a new defensive midfield to protect back 4.

Hi guys, I play a 4-3-1-2 in game, with fb ibra, fb tevez up top, with fb Rooney as cam. Lcm is mane, doing mazing for me there, cm is 85 fabinho, rcm is firmino, who I'm looking to replace, I'm currently playing Robertson 81 lb, azpillacueta and vvd at cb and walker at rb. Who can I replace firmino with? I'm looking at icons too. Up to 600k is my limit really. Cheers guys!


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    TBh, there's no good option around your budget, but if you can afford 100k~150k than I'd recommend 88 rated Marcel Desailly.
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    Thanks for the comment buddy, will have a look.
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