2.6m coins on Xbox for sale

Hello everyone,

I've come to you guys looking for someone to cop the coins I got in my kitty left. I got my profit from grinding FIFA from release date, packs and weekend league rewards. I also have POTM Hazard, Ballack and Keane but will be keeping my account.

I've played over 500 games, and this time of year I end up getting burnt out from FIFA and move on.

Don't waste your money on packs with terrible weight when you can buy guaranteed coins from me.

Hit me up if you're interesting in buying all of them, or a %. (For example, if you want to buy 500k out of the 2.6m.)

DONT BUY PACKS. 100% guaranteed and legitimate, lets have a professional convo and make it clean so we both benefit. ??


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