Why are people creating their team just before wl?

Whats up guys i was wondering why people sell all their players after wl and buy them all just before it begins , is it just to try different players?


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    atuka92atuka92 Posts: 12

    of course this is a guess but, after weekend league, most people don't play fifa as much; if you finish WL it basically is enough for me to get Division 2, Rank 2. So I simply don't play anymore; but thursday night if I know I'm gonna play weekend league, people build new teams to see how it performs. I've done it too. Like what's the worst thing that could happen? I got team worth 6 million or more I think with mbappe cr7, neymar etc. Best I've done was elite 3. and I get gold 2 or gold 1 if I play with 150k team. :) So what I'm trying to say is it's not that risky thing to do; but yeah ideally build team early to practice before WL. Same teams are boring. That's why I only do Prime Rio and waiting for Prime Maldini SBCs. I don't like untradeable teams.

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    OGToureOGToure Posts: 20
    Makes sense now!!
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