Best CB Icon?

I‘m searching for the best CB Icon under 1 million coins?
Which Icon can you recommend?


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    NezTexNezTex Posts: 1

    Desailly baby!

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    InsidiousInsidious Posts: 349
    middle blanc or prime Campbell
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    If you want an endgame cb go for any blanc. He is the happy medium between defensive skill and agressive tenacity. Some cbs like prime campbell are great in some instances where you need a sure footed tackler to overpower your opponent into giving up the ball. But Campbell couldnt turn with your Hazards, CR7's, even Ben Yedders. But ive used that Blanc in two fifas prior to this one and ive said evey time that he is the best Cb ive ever used. Hes the most well rounded cb in the game for brutal stuffs to straight peelin people off the ball. Only maldini is more talented on the challenge than this man.

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